Verizon Fios Interview

with Game of Thrones cast

I was tasked with editing the fans' questions.

 SE: Parker Davidson | CD: Chris Bailey

Audible Banner Ads

Books might smell better than audiobooks.

But they can't deliver on a spooky Halloween experience quite like Audible can.


Note: We ended up producing our evergreen ads instead. And to that I said       . JK. I am a professional.


 AD: Alison Tremonti | ACD: Neil Hieatt

Porsche Email

Fun fact: When I wrote this I was driving a rusty '99 Nissan Maxima. At one point, it was bouncing around like an old school rap video.

holiday porsche email.png

 AD: Kelly Poorman | CW partner: Elise Ott

Georgia Natural Gas DM

My dream of working with Kermit the Frog came true. Cross that off the bucket list.

punny headline: me

body copy: GNG

kermit the frog.png

 AD: Joe Farleo | CW partner: Elise Ott

Arby's Letter

Pitcher, Tanner Roark, was chowing down in an Arby's parking lot when he discovered the news that he got traded to the A's. 

arby's letter.png

 Note: I have no idea if Arby's sent my version of the letter. But I had a lot of fun writing it. P.S. If you ever need to research beefy dudes eating beef at work, be careful. The Internet is a crazy place.

Arby's Social + Emails

We helped drive traffic to their new craft page with some fun Sonic the Hedgehog paper crafts.


 AD: Alison Tremonti | ACD: Neil Hieatt

Starbucks Email

Here's a healthy habit that's easy to keep

even if you're half asleep.


 AD: Cat Sheehan | CW partner: Zakk Weston


This collision repair center wants to keep the conversation light on social. G-rated jokes to the rescue.

carstar joke.png

Nutrish Social

I was a hand model once. What can I say?

I'm a babe with tiny wrists and Olaf arms.

Click the image below to watch the video on Pinterest.

nutrish holiday cat sweater.png

MCTP Public Speaking

I was a real attention whore that day. I found myself a mic and stage and just started giving advice to complete strangers.


And to anyone wondering why the whitest girl at the company was speaking at a Multicultural Talent Pipeline event...

I asked myself the same question.

They needed somebody, and they needed somebody FAST.